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AquaTT Awards


AquaTT Awards

At AquaTT, we believe it is important to acknowledge the endeavours individuals go to in their contributions to the area of marine research. Two awards have been established with this in mind at AquaTT, both dedicated to immensely talented researchers who played an important role in our story, and who passed away too soon.


Lindsay Laird Award

lindsay laird

The Lindsay Laird award was established in honour of Lindsay Laird, a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Zoology Department at Aberdeen University. She passed away due to cancer in 2001. The award, established in 2008 between AquaTT and Aqualex Multimedia Consortium (AMC) in her honour, is presented to the most innovative poster submitted by a student which concerns research in any one of a number of areas related to marine research.

          Click here to learn more about the Lindsay Laird award


        Richard Fitzgerald Award


The eponymous award was awarded for the first time in 2017. Richard was one of the founding fathers of AquaTT acting as the first chairman of the company and served on the board regularly over the past 20 years. He passed away shortly before Christmas 2016. To commemorate the life and legacy of such an important figure in AquaTT’s history, the award was set up to honour his legacy.

         Click here to learn more about the Richard Fitzgerald award

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