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22 February 2020
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Student Corner




For information on all educational opportunities (courses, workshops, etc.), as well as general events (conferences, meetings, etc.) please refer to the AquaTT Announcement newsletter which is sent out with Training News. A comprehensive overview of all events is given in the AquaTT Calendar.




Save the Date - Two COLUMBUS Annual Conferences Announced


Two annual conferences have been announced for 2017 and 2018 as part of the COLUMBUS project. These events are not to be missed, and will be consist of a wide array of innovative and insightful presentations and talks.

The first of these conferences, taking place in Brussels, Belgium, will be a two-day event running from 6-7 November 2017, entitled ‘Achieving Impact from Marine Research’. The main theme of the first day will be External Capacity Training, while the second day will be the annual conference event itself. The conference will offer opportunities to collaboratively explore the barriers, challenges and possible solutions to achieving the impact potential of marine and maritime research, at all stages of the funding cycle.

The second event, taking place from 23-24 January 2018, will also take place in Brussels. Similar to the November meeting, the first day will consist of capacity training, and the second day will be the annual conference itself. 

For more information on the events, please visit:


Sea Change Workshops and Resources Inspire Engagement with Ocean Literacy

SEACHANGE Full Logo Colour

Sea Change is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project that aims to establish a fundamental “Sea Change” in the way European citizens view their relationship with the sea, by empowering them, as Ocean Literate citizens, to take direct and sustainable action towards a healthy ocean, healthy communities and ultimately a healthy planet.

From 23-25 August 2017, The Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu, Estonia ran an inspirational seminar for teachers from all over the country. The programme piloted several hands-on activities that the teachers were encouraged to use in their future lessons to teach young children about the importance of our ocean. The elements which were dedicated to Sea Change included an oil pollution clean-up workshop AHHAA developed for the Sea Change youth camp that took place in a wetland in southern Estonia in spring 2017. 

Another inspiring activity that the Sea Change project has recently undertaken is the “Our Ocean Our Health” video series. The final videos in this six-part Sea Change video series called “Make a Small Change for Sea Change” will soon be released. These short videos, with accompanying infographics, give quick tips on how citizens can help protect the ocean as part of their daily actions. The series provides guidance on how to make a “Sea Change” in the bathroom, the kitchen, the supermarket, the commute, in the office and when eating out. The videos can be watched on the Sea Change Vimeo account as they are released. 

All Sea Change Ocean Literacy resources can be downloaded from the project website:


Fully EU-Funded Access to Top-Class Aquaculture Research Infrastructures Across Europe – Apply Now!


The AQUAEXCEL2020 seventh call for access is now open, with an application deadline of 25 September 2017

European researchers and research teams are invited to apply for scientific research that utilises the facilities of any of the 39 participating aquaculture research facilities across Europe. On a regular basis, the AQUAEXCEL2020 project invites proposals from European research groups for scientific research that utilises the facilities of any of the participating aquaculture research infrastructures. 

The AQUAEXCEL2020 project unites major aquaculture experimental facilities with capacity to undertake experimental trials on a selection of commercially important fish aquaculture species and system types. These installations are made available to the research community for Transnational Access (TNA) with the support of the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Transnational Access involves a research group in one country collaborating with one or more AQUAEXCEL2020 Infrastructures that are located in a different country to the applicant, and which offer facilities and expertise not available in their own

The facilities available cover the entire range of production systems (cage, pond, recirculation, flowthrough, hatchery and disease challenge); environments (freshwater, marine, cold, temperate and warm water); scales (small, medium and industrial scale); fish species (salmonids, cold and warm water marine fish, freshwater fish and artemia); and fields of expertise (nutrition, physiology, health & welfare, genetics, engineering, monitoring & management technologies).


For more information and to apply, please visit:


AquaTT to be present at Aquaculture Europe 2017

AquaTT Logo

AquaTT will be attending Aquaculture Europe 2017, which will run from 17-20 October in Dubrovnik, Croatia. AquaTT will be both participating in and hosting events throughout the four-day event. The first AQUAEXCEL2020 industry brokerage event on 19 October will be hosted as part of the AE2017 EATiP Industry Day by EATiP and AquaTT. The COLUMBUS brokerage event “Knowledge Transfer in Aquaculture” will take place on 18 October.

aquaculture europe brochure screen grabAquaTT will have a double booth at the event, numbers 88 and 89, promoting its EU funded projects which focus on science communication and knowledge transfer. As AquaTT’s experience and expertise are strongly rooted in the area of knowledge management, we are eagerly looking forward to attending AE2017. As in previous years, AquaTT will also be co-organising (together with Aqualex Multimedia Consortium (AMC) Ltd) the Lindsay Laird Award for Innovation in Aquaculture, awarding the best student poster at AE2017.

You are all very welcome to come visit Marieke Reuver (Programme Manager), Cliona NÍ Cheallacháin (AquaTT Senior Project Manager) and Claudia Junge (AquaTT Project Officer), who will be manning AquaTT’s booths.

For more information on AquaTT, please visit:

For more information on Aquaculture Europe 2017, please visit:


Feature AQUAEXCEL2020 Article now Available in Spanish: Unir fuerzas para un futuro sector acuícola europeo sostenible


The feature article about AQUAEXCEL2020, its research and TNA programme is now also available in Spanish! International Aquafeed - Spanish Language Edition #2 - 2017, pages 21-31. 

To read the full article, please visit:


First AQUAEXCEL2020 Industry Brokerage at Aquaculture Europe, Dubrovnik (Croatia), 19 Oct 2017


‘Cooperation for Growth’ is the motto for this year’s Aquaculture Europe (AE2017) conference in Croatia. Turning policy into growth can be achieved by diminishing competitive forces through common actions using regional cooperation, public-private partnerships and other initiatives that help to reduce conflicts. Increased cooperation between operators may therefore foster positive growth in the European aquaculture sector. 

This first AQUAEXCEL2020 industry brokerage event will be hosted as part of the AE2017 EATiP Industry Day by EATiP and AquaTT.

The overall objective of this brokerage event is to create a forum for engagement and exchange between researchers and potential beneficiaries of the research results generated from AQUAEXCEL2020 and its precursor, the AQUAEXCEL project. 

The final programme will be announced shortly here:


ParaFishControl Industry Forum, Belfast (UK), 5 Sep – Full Programme Announced


The 18th International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish is organised by The European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP) in Belfast, 4-8 September 2017. For further information, please visit:

ParaFishControl is hosting an Industry Forum on Tuesday, 5 September, from 2:00-3:15pm and 3:45-6:15pm. The half hour break in between sessions allows participants to mingle and look at posters. 


To download the event flyer, please visit: 

The Industry Forum facilitates the engagement between the ParaFishControl consortium and industrial companies and fish farmer associations to ensure essential Knowledge Exchange. It is led by Dr Panos Christofilogiannis (AQUARK), with support from AquaTT.



Industry stakeholders can join the ParaFishControl LinkedIn Group to follow the progress of this work,


Feature article: ParaFishControl and Nutriad International Collaborative Research on Functional Feed Additives

The feature article on functional feed additives was published in the "International Aquafeed" magazine, July edition 2017, pages 14-19.


To read the full article, please visit:


Student Corner


Targetfish Industry Forum on DNA vaccination: "where do we stand and what’s next?"

EAFP 2017 conference, Belfast - 7 September 2017 - 09:00-10:45am ROOM 1

The forum will open with an introduction by Geert Wiegertjes (Wageningen University & Research, coordinator TargetFish) and will include contributions by:

• Oystein Evensen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) on the pros and cons of DNA vaccination against PD  for Atlantic salmon

Bertrand Collet & Catherine Collins (Marine Scotland Science) on evaluations of genomic integration after DNA vaccination

Uwe Fischer (Federal Research Institute for Animal Health) & Carolina Tafalla (Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology) on different routes of delivery and immune responses in DNA vaccination

Niels Lorenzen (Aarhus University) & Niels Henrik Henriksen (Danish Trout Association) on applied aspects of DNA vaccination against VHS 

Martin Ilot (European Medicines Agency) on the regulatory requirements for the authorisation of DNA vaccines for fish in the EU

The session will close with a discussion chaired by Patrick Smith (Tethys Aquaculture Ltd) & Panos Christofilogiannis (Aquark) on the next challenges for science.

All those interested can find more information here:


South Asia Thematic School on Aquatic Microbial Ecology (ASIAME 2)

ASIAME 2 is a follow up of the first ASIAME thematic school which was held in Vietnam in 2013. The general objective of ASIAME is to bring together young microbial ecologists (students and scientists) from south and south-east Asia who are focusing on marine ecosystems. The school covers fundamental (biogeochemical cycles, biodiversity, environment) and applied (aquaculture, marine biotechnology) aspects in marine microbial ecology.

ASIAME 2 fits in the context of the future "National Institute of Marine Biology" in Goa (India), in collaboration with Le Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie. ASIAME 2 will take place over two weeks at the field unit of the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), the Andaman and Nicobar Centre for Ocean Science and Technology (ANCOST) located in Port Blair on the Andaman Islands. 

ASIAME 2 will be conducted by 19 lecturers (10 from India, six from France, one from Philippines, one from UK, one from USA). The format of the school includes communication, hands-on training, data analysis and preparation of research projects with the aim to create networks and foster future collaborations. It will be open to 16 young Indian researchers, seven from other countries from south-east Asia and two from France. Fellowships will be provided to students to cover (at least partly) expenses (registration, travel and accommodation). The deadline for applications for the event is 30 August 2017.

For full details on the event, please visit:


10th Anniversary ‘Lindsay Laird Innovation in Aquaculture’ Award to be presented at Aquaculture Europe 2017

AquaTT and AMC Ltd celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Lindsay Laird Award at the EAS 41st International Conference, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia (17-20 October). Lindsay Laird spent most of her professional life as an academic but she also worked closely with the expanding aquaculture industry on different aspects of salmon production. Nevertheless she was a real all-rounder: a member of the EAS Board from 1994 to 2000, the first Chairman of the Organic Fish Producers Association, senior lecturer in the University of Aberdeen. She combined her aquaculture and language expertise to translate both volumes of the French classic “Aquaculture” by G. Barnabe into English and helped compile the multilingual AQUALEX aquaculture glossary. Shared parenting with her husband, Dr Monty Priede allowed her, while raising a family, to carry out research and lecture in countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, and Borneo, where a new species of moth (Dasychera lairdi) was named after her.

It is not surprising that by the time of her early death from cancer in 2001, Lindsay Laird had become a role model for many young women, able to straddle the divide between university teaching, scientific research and involvement in the rapidly developing aquaculture industry, excelling in all three areas.
Student winners of the award for innovation in aquaculture have so far come from Belgium, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Germany, Malta, Scotland, the Netherlands and Brazil. This year’s winner will receive an iPad Mini, books from Wiley Blackwell, Springer and 5M publishing. All student posters submitted for Aquaculture Europe 2017 are eligible for the Lindsay Laird Award. More information can be found here. More information about Lindsay Laird can be found at, and more information on the award can be found at



Other News

AquaTT Job Vacancy - Apply Now for Scientific Project Assistant Role

AquaTT is looking for applicants for a Scientific Project Officer role currently available. Successful applicants will be expected to aid Project Officers in their roles and contribute to the management and administration of AquaTT’s current portfolio of EU-funded projects. AquaTT’s roles in projects typically fall under the umbrella of knowledge management activities including dissemination, communication, education, stakeholder engagement and knowledge management and transfer.

This is an entry-level role, so applications from recent graduates are particularly welcome. Project management experience, event management experience, and personal passion for facilitating the increase in public uptake of scientific knowledge are all desired criteria.

For more information, please visit:



pisces-logo-blue Sept 2007

If you are interested in viewing or posting a job vacancy in the marine sector and related areas, please visit the PiscesTT website or contact



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