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22 February 2020

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Please check the AquaTT Calendar for a comprehensive overview of all Marine Sector related events.

July 2013

July Calendar

August 2013
9-12 August 2013 Event AQUACULTURE EUROPE 2013 - "Making Sense of Science", Trondheim, Norway
13-16 August 2013 Event AquaNOR
18-23 August 2013 Event 5th International Symposium on Chemosynthesis-Based Ecosystems, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
19-23 August 2013 Event 48th European Marine Biology Symposium,  Galway, Ireland

23 August 2013 -
2 September 2013

Event 6th International SOLAS Summer School, Xiamen, China
26-28 August 2013 Workshop Trait-based Approach to Ocean Life, Copenhagen, Denmark
26-30 August 2013 Event EAAP 2013, Nantes, France
26-30 August 2013 Course Ecosystem Modelling for Fishery Management, Copenhagen, Denmark
September 2013
2-5 September 2012 Event European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) 2013, Aalborg, Denmark
2-5 September 2013 Event Larvi 2013, Belgium, Brussels
3-5 September 2013 Event European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA) Conference 2013, Plymouth, UK
4-6 September 2013 Event “Genomics in Aquaculture 2013” International Symposium, Bodø, Norway
7 September 2013 Event 10th EAFP Histopathology Workshop - Sensory Systems, Tampere, Finland
7 September 2013 Event EAFP Parasites of freshwater mussels workshop, Tampere, Finland
8-13 September 2013 Event 1st EMBO Conference on Aquatic Microbial Ecology: SAME13, Lake Maggiore, Italy
11-12 September 2013 Workshop Marine Invasive Species Identification, Scotland, UK
11-13 September 2013 Event YOUMARES 4: "From coast to deep sea: multiscale approaches to marine sciences", Oldenburg, Germany
16-20 September 2013 Course Catfish Hatchery & Grow-out Operations, Rizal, Philippines
17-20 September 2013 Conference Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013, Edinburgh, UK
23-24 September 2013
Final conference of the EU Marie Curie ITN SAPRO, Glasgow, UK
23-25 September 2013 Event 2nd Annual World Congress of Mariculture and Fisheries-2013,  Hangzhou, China
23-25 September 2013 Event Diversification in Inland Finfish Aquaculture II (DIFA 2013), Vodňany, Czech Republic
23-25 September 2013 Event Marine Data and Information Systems Conference, Lucca, Italy
23-27 September 2013 Event 2013 ICES Annual Science Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland
24-26 September 2013 Workshop Developmental trends and diversification in Europe aquaculture (Aquaculture Forum Bremerhaven 2012 – 2013), Bremerhaven, Germany
28 September 2013 -
4 October 2013
Event 2013 World Seafood Congress,  St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
October 2013
6-10 October 2013 Event 10th International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture (ISTA 10), Jerusalem, Israel
9-11 October 2013 Event IV Conferencia Latinoamérica de Cultivo de Peces Nativos, Villavicencio, Colombia
16-20 September 2013 Event Japan High Value Finfish Aquaculture Symposium, Kagoshima, Japan
21-27 October 2013 Event IMPAC 2013, Marseille, France
21-25 October 2013 Course Carp Hatchery & Grow-out Operations, Rizal, Philippines
22-23 October 2013 Course Presentation of Data using Georeferencing and Google Maps, Scotland, United Kingdom
22-24 October 2013 Event IFM Annual Conference 2013, Cardiff, United Kingdom
24-25 October 2013 Course Mapping and GIS, Scotland, UK

30 October 2013 -
3 November 2013

Event Global Congress on Integrated Coastal Management - Lessons Learned to Address New Challenges, Marmaris, Turkey
November 2013
3-6 November 2013 Event Aquaculture 2013 - "To the Next 40 Years of Sustainable Global Aquaculture", Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain
4-8 November 2013 Course Trawl Survey Design and Evaluation, Copenhagen, Denmark
11-15 November 2013 Course Analysis and Visualization of VMS and EU Logbook Data using the VMStools R Package, Copenhagen, Denmark
18-22 November 2013 Course “Stock Assessment (advanced)” course, Copenhagen, Denmark
25 November 2013 -
4 December 2013
Course Community-Based Freshwater Aquaculture for Remote Rural Areas of Southeast Asia, Rizal, Philippines
December 2013
2-6 December 2013 Course Application of Geostatistics to Analyse Spatially Explicit Survey Data in an Ecosystem Approach, Fontainebleau, France
10-13 December 2013


Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2013, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


February 2014
9-12 February 2014 Event Aquaculture America 2014, Seattle, Washington, United States 
March 2014
11-13 March 2014 Event Oceanology International 2014, London, United Kingdom
June 2014
6-7 June 2014 Event AquaEd 2014,Adelaide, SA, Australia 
7-11 June 2014 Event WORLD AQUACULTURE 2014, Adelaide, South Australia
15-19 June 2014
Coastal Zone Canada Conference 2014 (CZC 2014), Halifax, Canada
October 2014
14-17 October 2014 Event AQUACULTURE EUROPA 2014, San Sebastian, Spain 
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