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23 October 2019
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This is the Announcement Supplement, which comes with the AquaTT Training News newsletter, the latest version of which is available on the AquaTT website. These are free e-mail news services provided by AquaTT on education, training, news and events in Marine research and related sectors. The newsletter currently reaches more than 5,000 international recipients on a monthly basis. Please submit any relevant information for inclusion in next month’s edition to

Please check the AquaTT Calendar for a comprehensive overview of all Marine Sector related events.

February 2014    
4-6 February 2014
Reducing Risks: An Ecosystem Approach to Biodiversity and Human Well-being, Betws Garmon, United Kingdom
9-11 February 2014
Fish International, Bremen, Germany
9-12 February 2014 Event Aquaculture America 2014, Seattle, Washington, United States 
10-11 February 2014
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, Bremen, Germany
16-20 February 2014
Practical Use of mini- and micro-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the Environmental Sciences, Oban, Scotland
23-26 February 2014
65th Pacific Fisheries Technologists conference, Monterey, California
23-28 February 2014
2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Hawaii, USA
24-26 February 2014
World Ocean Summit 2014, San Francisco, California, United States
25-26 Februaru 2014
An Introduction to Phytoplankton and Harmful Algal Blooms, Oban, Scotland
25 February 2014
3rd SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum “SEAS-ERA’s Legacy & Vision”, Brussels, Belgium
March 2014    
3-6 March 2013
Fishery Dependent Information 2014, Rome, Italy
4-6 March 2014
9th North Atlantic Seafood Forum, Bergen Norway
12 March 2014
4th EMB Forum "Arctic 2050: Towards ecosystem-based management in a changing Arctic Ocean", Brussels, Belgium
11-13 March 2014 Event Oceanology International 2014, London, United Kingdom
24-28 March 2014
Marine Metagenomics Bioinformatics, Cambridgeshire, UK
April 2014    
7-14 April 2014
Field Research Methods, Oban, Scotland
9-10 April 2014
Age-Structured Models in Fishery Economics and Bioeconomic Modelling, Esbjerg, Denmark
9-11 April 2014 Event Offshore Mariculture Conference 2014, Naples, Italy
30 April - 2 May 2014
EIMR II conference, Isle of Lewis, Stornoway, United Kingdom
May 2014    
5-16 May 2014
Marine Renewables and the Environment, Oban, Scotland
6-10 May 2014
11th Marine Biological Association Postgraduate Conference, Scarborough, UK
19-20 May 2014 Event European Maritime Day 2014, Bremen, Germany
25-30 May 2014
16th International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding, Cairns, Australia
June 2014    
2-4 June 2014
Ecosystem Based Management, Oban, Scotland
5-7 June 2014
Future Fish Eurasia 2014, Izmir, Turkey
6-7 June 2014 Event AquaEd 2014, Adelaide, Australia 
7-11 June 2014 Event WORLD AQUACULTURE 2014, Adelaide, Australia
15-19 June 2014 Event Coastal Zone Canada Conference 2014 (CZC 2014), Halifax, Canada
16-18 June 2014
AquaVision 2014 - World Business Conference on Aquaculture, Stavanger, Norway
16-27 June 2014
Marine Renewables and Society, Oban, Scotland
18-20 June 2014
2nd Marine and Coastal Policy Forum 2014, Plymouth, UK
23-27 June 2014 Event IMBER Open Science Conference, Bergen, Norway
July 2014    
7-11 July 2014 Event 17th International Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET), Brisbane, Australia
7-11 July 2014 Event Annual Symposium of The Fisheries Society of the British Isles, Hull, UK
21-23 July 2014
2nd International Conference on Oceanography, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
August 2014    
3-7 August 2014
International Congress on the Biology of Fish 2014, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
14-19 August 2014
3rd International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC 2014), Glasgow, UK
22-24 August 2014
10th International Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture, Virginia, USA
25-29 August 2014 Event Sixth International Symposium on GIS/Spatial Analyses in Fishery and Aquatic Science, Tampa, Florida, USA
September 2014    
3-5 September 2014
MASTS Annual Science Meeting, Edinburgh, UK
8-11 September 2014
Challenger Conference, Plymouth, UK
8-12 September 2014
49th European Marine Biology Symposium, St Petersburg, Russia
22 September -
10 October 2014
Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries, Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
25-27 September 2014 Event Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2014, Smárinn, Kópavogur, Iceland
October 2014    
1-3 October 2014
2nd EMSEA Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden
7-9 October 2014 Event EurOCEAN 2014 Conference, Rome, Italy
14-17 October 2014 Event Aquaculture Europe 2014, San Sebastian, Spain
28-30 October 2014 Event EuroGOOS 2014, Lisbon, Portugal
30-31 October 2014 Event 5th BioMarine International Business Convention, Cascais, Portugal
November 2014    
17-21 November 2014 Event 2nd International Ocean Research Conference, Barcelona, Spain 
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