Call for Abstracts and Session Chairs: Climate Change and Vector-Borne Diseases: Past, Present and Futures Conference

Climate Change and Vector-Borne Diseases: Past, Present and Futures

An international conference focusing on climate change & health

Kikukiro, Kigali, Rwanda, 18-20 November 2014

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University of Rwanda

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Relationships between climate and health in many parts of the world are often overlooked and remain poorly studied, particularly in economically disadvantaged countries. This is despite the fact that climate and climate change information are becoming increasingly available, and such data can be extremely useful to health planners, as they can help understand current distributions of some diseases – notably those involving a biological vector - and are fundamental to the more certain anticipation of future outbreaks. Moreover, an understanding of links between climate, societal changes and health can help in modelling the health impacts of climate change. Improved adaptive capacity is one potential outcome: a second is a firmer basis for quantifying the health costs of climate change. 

This conference, which takes place during the year in which the 5th Assessment Report on the causes and impacts of climate change is formally released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC,, intends to bring together researchers at the cutting edge of efforts to understand relationships between climate change and vector-borne diseases. Sessions and presentations at the conference will be situated within three sub-themes: Environmental changes and vector-borne diseases; Statistical and dynamical disease modeling; Climate change related-risk analysis and vulnerability assessment; Adaptation to climate change-related health impacts.

The conference is hosted by participants in the HEALTHY FUTURES research project (, which has been generously funded by the European Commissions, through the Environment and Health component of the European Union’s Seventh Framework. The principal organisers of this international conference are institutions located in Africa, Asia and Europe: the University of Rwanda, National University of Singapore and Trinity College, University of Dublin.

Those interested in presenting their research and/or chairing a session at the conference, please complete one or both of the forms that follow and return via email to Theophile Niyonzima (, copied to David Taylor (, before the stated relevant deadline.



Please email abstracts and offers to chair sessions to Theophile Niyonzima (, copied to David Taylor (

Please use this form when submitting abstracts and/or offers to chair sessions. Notifications of whether a submitted abstract/offer to chair a session has been accepted will be released within one month following the submission deadline

Submission deadlines:

  • receipt of offers to chair sessions: 28 February 2014  
  • receipt of abstracts: 30 April 2014

Abstract Submission

Please complete this form and return via email to Theophile Niyonzima (, copied to David Taylor ( on or before 30 April 2014. Please type the information in English. Please also enter “Abstract” into the subject field of your email.

Offer to chair a session

Session Chairs are responsible for facilitating the success of conference sessions. Their specific duties include:

  • Opening their session at the scheduled time and orienting the audience to the context with a few brief introductory remarks.
  • Introducing the speakers before their presentations.
  • Managing the balance between the time devoted to presentations and the time allocated to discussion. The success of a session may depend on the ability of a Chair to limit the time of presentations and temper discussion from the floor to allow sufficient time for interaction.
  • Facilitating audience engagement and moderating panel or floor discussions.
  • Ensuring that the session keeps to time to allow the room to clear before the next session begins on schedule.

Please complete this form and return via email to Theophile Niyonzima (, copied to David Taylor ( on or before 28 February 2014. Please type the information. Please also enter “Session chair” into the subject field of your email.