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The digitalisation of industry – Industry 4.0 – is rapidly transforming all stages of the production value chain of goods globally. Advances in robotics, data collection, cybersecurity and other technologies are creating increasingly efficient, flexible and tailored manufacturing processes. If exploited, these technologies could create huge growth in European industries.

The Industry4.E Lighthouse took a special focus on all means of microelectronics and ICT for Digital Industry. Operating across project, funding, and national boundaries, Industry4.E brought together relevant RDI projects funded across various funding programmes helping them to connect with each other and the end-user/stakeholder community.

To support the implementation of activities in relation to the Industry4.E Lighthouse, ECSEL JU via Horizon 2020 funded a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) for 24 months starting in October 2018. CSA-Industry4.E goals included:

  • Supporting the LIASE in establishing the Lighthouse;
  • Actively assisting in enabling successful execution of the Digital Industry roadmap;
  • Engaging research communities - coordinating the relevant stakeholders, project consortia and policy-makers;
  • Facilitating, support and assist Industry4.E projects in effectively exploiting project results;
  • Promoting the Lighthouse visibility;
  • Developing and implementing a public engagement and outreach strategy to raise the visibility of Industry4.E to the broader public and related initiatives.

TITLE: CSA-Industry4.E
PROGRAMME: ECSEL-2018-3-CSA-Industry4E from ECSEL Joint Undertaking 



499 928.75

30 months

COORDINATOR: Lise-Ann Shehan, Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR)


The expected impacts were:

  • A federated effort towards a challenging industrial vision to generate European industrial leadership in Industry digitalisation, and a strong potential for longer term technological innovation and economic exploitation;
  • Involvement and commitment from key stakeholders;
  • Increased transnational collaboration between the relevant European initiatives in the Field;
  • Spreading of excellence on digitalisation of industry across Europe;
  • Increased awareness of European activities in this field.


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