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Newsletter 19 2017
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This is the Announcement Supplement, which comes with the AquaTT Training News newsletter, the latest version of which is available on the AquaTT website. These are free e-mail news services provided by AquaTT on education, training, news and events in Marine research and related sectors. The newsletter currently reaches more than 5,000 international recipients on a monthly basis. Please submit any relevant information for inclusion in next month’s edition to

Please check the AquaTT Calendar for a comprehensive overview of all Marine Sector related events.

December 2017    
14-15 December 2017 Event Bioeconomy Investment Summit 2017, Helsinki, Finland
17-20 December 2017 Event 6th Maghreb Conference on Desalination and Water Treatment CMTDE, Hammamet, Tunisia
January 2018  
9-11 January 2018 Course 6th EA Workshop on Ecosystem Approach Guidelines and Integrated Ecosystem Assessment, Seattle, USA
23 January 2018 Course COLUMBUS External Capacity Training - Knowledge Transfer for Researchers, Brussels, Belgium
23-25 January 2018 Course ATLAS Work Package 3 Workshop, Lisbon Portugal
24 January 2018 Event COLUMBUS International Blue Growth Knowledge Transfer Conference 2018, Brussels, Belgium
25 January 2018 Event COLUMBUS External Advisory Board and Partner Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
29-31 January 2018 Course ATLAS WP1 / WP2 Workshop - Modelling connectivity, Edinburgh, UK
February 2018  
March 2018  
8 March 2018 Event EOOS Forum and launch of the EOOS strategy, Brussels, Belgium
19-21 March 2018 Event 6th International Water Forum, Hammamet, Tunisia
April 2018  
4-6 April 2018 Event Promoting coexistence and synergistic sea uses is a key issue in marine spatial planning, Edinburgh, UK
9-13 April 2018 Event 3rd ATLAS General Assembly, Majorca, Spain
24-26 April 2018 Event Seafood Expo Global, Brussels, Belgium
May 2018  
8-12 May 2018 Event 10th International Abalone Symposium, Xiamen, China
11 May 2018 Event ATLAS 2nd Science Policy Panel, Québec, Canada
12 May 2018 Course ATLAS workshop on VMEs and EBSAs, Montreal, Canada
13-16 May 2018 Event The World Conference on Marine Bioidversity, Montreal, Canada
15-18 May 2018 Event 2nd “International Insects to Feed the World” Conference, Hubei, China
17-18 May 2018 Course ATLAS Habitat Suitability Modelling Workshop, Nova Scotia, Canada
20-23 May 2018 Event World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, Québec, Canada
23-24 May 2018 Event Aquaculture UK, Aviemore, United Kingdom
31 May-1 June 2018 Event European Maritime Day, Burgas, Bulgaria
June 2018  
3-7 June 2018 Event 18th International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding, Las Palmas, Spain
4-6 June 2018 Event Aqua Conference 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark  aquatt training news footer v1 addqr

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