AquaTT Advisory Metnoring and Training Services

AquaTT is an Ireland-based non-profit organisation that partners with the scientific research community to deliver results, achieve positive impact and demonstrate the value of publicly-funded research. With 26 years of experience, AquaTT has proven itself an expert at securing, managing and contributing to EU funded projects. AquaTT operates extensively within the European scientific research arena, developing knowledge management, communications, dissemination, and training capacities. AquaTT has built a knowledge-based organisation with key networks among national and European stakeholders in the marine and other sectors.

Through these projects, AquaTT works with Europe’s top researchers for the entirety of each project’s life cycle, from project conception right through to delivery. AquaTT’s policy has been to build an experienced and multidisciplinary team of experts from different backgrounds. Its team uses their collective expertise to design and manage innovative work packages tailored to the needs of each specific project. AquaTT has collaborated with over 250 institutes across 40 countries. It has written and managed projects under the FP7 and Horizon 2020 funding programmes.

Building upon its organisational know-how and competence, in 2011 AquaTT established a business development unit to offer services related to its core areas of expertise. Year on year revenue from the team has grown as it has developed and marketed new service offerings to potential customers resulting in contracts with national and international universities, research institutes, and public sector organisations. AquaTT’s services are based on a partnership model, supporting clients to build capacity, mobilise knowledge, drive innovation and ensure measurable value creation.

AquaTT Training Services

AquaTT has a strong track record in the delivery of training workshops relating to both funding procurement and research project management. AquaTT’s training services have been availed of by many universities and research organisations.

In autumn/winter 2016 AquaTT hosted two successful workshops in Dublin, Ireland.

Contact us ( 1 644 9008) to keep informed of upcoming training courses. Private courses are also available upon request.

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AquaTT Advisory Services

AquaTT has earned a reputation for project design and implementation. Its team add value and expertise during the proposal development process. AquaTT can provide proposal development and writing services; brokerage services; project planning and facilitation services; and editing and proofing services. In addition to EU research funding proposals, AquaTT has experience of planning, writing and project managing tenders and expressions of interest, nationally and internationally.

AquaTT Mentoring Services

AquaTT has developed strong relationships with Irish and European universities and higher education institutes through its mentorship programmes. AquaTT provides bespoke programmes designed to help research groups, individual principal investigators and early stage researchers to achieve higher success rates in terms of funding procurement. The mentorship programmes also feature career pathway exploration and goal-setting. AquaTT’s approach is based on trust, cooperation and capacity building.

Feedback on AquaTT's Mentoring Services

“The mentoring programme allowed me to stop and reflect on what I had achieved to date, where I want to go with

my career and how I am going to get there. The one-on-one sessions were particularly useful as they gave me some new insights

into some of my personal traits and how they affect the way I work. By identifying small steps that will help me attain

my career goals, these goals now appear much more achievable.”


“I was prepared to take some decisive steps, but lacked clear guidance and encouragement to actually start making real actions.

The mentors were really well prepared and motivated themselves, which made a lasting impact on my future career steps.”

AquaTT Funding Procurement Training

Navigating the System – The EU Funding Procurement Landscape

  • Horizon 2020 Policy Context
  • Understanding the different funding mechanisms
  • How to assess calls
  • Selecting the right call for your organisation
  • Understanding the components necessary for success

Managing the Proposal Development Process

  • Building a consortium
  • Group brainstorming
  • Selecting a suitable project design and structure
  • Negotiating roles and responsibilities
  • Defining a proposal development timeline
  • Templates and tools for proposal development
  • Coordinating partners and incorporating contributions
  • Project budgeting

Developing a Winning Application – How to Make your Proposal Stand Out

  • Understanding the evaluation criteria and process
  • Adhering to administrative requirements
  • Selecting a suitable writing style and technical level
  • Designing an appropriate management and governance structure
  • Constructing a strong impact section
  • Designing a dissemination and knowledge transfer strategy

AquaTT Research Project Management Training Modules

Project Planning

  • Introduction to Project Managing Research Projects
  • Project Structure – Description of Work to Work Breakdown Structure
  • How to assess calls
  • Scheduling - Achieving Milestones, Submitting Deliverables
  • Project Estimations and Workflows

Project Initiation

  • Project Scope – What is feasible?
  • Kicking-off a Project
  • Partnership Profiling
  • Stakeholder Profiling
  • Developing Checklists and Templates
  • Establishing Project Roles
  • Dealing with Risk

 Project Execution

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
  • Internal Project Communications
  • External Communications – Communicating on Behalf of a Project
  • Dealing with Problems within the Partnership/Consortium
  • Quality Control

Project Closing

  • Administrative Requirements
  • Measuring and Demonstrating Impact
  • Potential Pitfalls
  • Preparing and Scheduling for Close-out

Feedback training heading

“Good team, great programme, we came back with so many tools that will be used on a daily basis, thank you”

“High-quality exchanges with trainers, rich recommendations from experts, a good atmosphere”

“The most useful training I have had. It enabled me to see what is behind the life of a project and the way a project can be better organised”

“Really good training with high-quality exchanges among trainers and participants. Great training methods, very effective for learning and retaining information”

“All the AquaTT staff were excellent; they were friendly, professional and clearly know their topics very well”

“Professional, informative, engaged and customer-focused”

Contact heading

If you would like to know more about our services or to discuss collaboration with AquaTT, please contact:

Olivia Daly (Senior Project Manager)

+353 (0)16449008