ERINN Innovation: Working towards a more sustainable society


Established by David Murphy the former General Manager of AquaTT and some of the senior staff of AquaTT, ERINN Innovation is a separate, independent SME focused on creating positive impact from research and innovation. ERINN works with projects, ideas, and technologies that contribute to a better world and healthier planet.

ERINN Innovation is independent from AquaTT. The two companies have a Memorandum of Understanding in place and collaborate on areas for mutual benefit. First established as Intrigo in 2017, the company rebranded to ERINN Innovation in December 2020. AquaTT still maintains a wide portfolio of EU projects and will continue to collaborate with our many partners and networks.

David Murphy is currently the CEO of ERINN Innovation. David is still active in AquaTT and shares his time across the two companies. ERINN has grown rapidly, already securing roles in 11 EC projects as well as providing a range of services to commercial companies, research organisations and public bodies across Europe. As of January 2021, there are 20 staff working in ERINN comprised of six different nationalities working in five European countries (Ireland, France, Spain, Norway, and UK).

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