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Board of Directors

AquaTT's Board of Directors are from all sectors of the marine industry. The board guides the AquaTT secretariat on all aspects of company operations. All directors give their time to AquaTT at no cost to the organisation. AquaTT welcomes support and collaboration from all individuals interested in the marine sector, and in particular European aquaculture. Please contact the AquaTT secretariat at for more information.

Current Directors

Frank O'Brien (Chair)

Paul Connolly (Secretary)   
Marine Institute

Richard Bates   

Michael Delaney

Niamh Connolly
University College Cork 
Telmo Carvalho 
Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) 
Past Directors
Dr Reid Hole
Faculty of Bioscience and Aquaculture (University of Nordland)
Dr Joe Kerry
Dept of Food and Nutritional Sciences (UCC)
Dr Richard Fitzgerald
Carna Research Station (NUIG)
Mrs Margaret Eleftheriou
Institute of Marine Biology of Crete
Mr David Bassett
British Trout Association
Mr Declan Clarke
Martin Ryan Institute (NUIG)
Mr Mark Norman   
Taighde Mara Teo, Co. Galway
Mr Doug Mcleod  
SATA, Ardvasar, Scotland
Prof Patrick Sorgeloos  
Artemia Reference Centre, University of Ghent
Mr Brian Ottway
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)
Dr John Mercer
National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)
Dr Pauline King
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)
Mr John Theodorou
Federation of Greek Maricultures
Dr Lindsay Laird
University of Aberdeen
Prof Gavin Burnell
University College Cork (UCC)
Mr John Coleman
La Tene Maps
Mr Simon Bradshaw
Assisted Garments