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  • To transfer the PESCALEX materials to wider geographic/linguistic areas (Turkey, Hungary, Galicia, Spain)
  • To translate all PESCALEX materials into HU, TR & ES (Galician)
  • To transfer the fish health/diseases content (based on species farmed in partner countries, using terminology useful in the workplace) to new users
  • To combine innovative (VOLL) language learning with tutor-led & ODL methods in a multi-lingual online environment devoted to fish health management at the VET level

TITLE: Pescalex
PROGRAMME: European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme
DURATION: 2008 – 2010 (24 months)


The achieved outcomes were:

  • The PESCALEX project has created an opensource Fish Health Toolset with multilingual units (EL, EN, ES, FR, GL, HU, NO, PL, PT, SW, TU) on fish health and selected fish diseases (Common European Reference Framework level B1 - 2).
  • Supported by an innovative language package whose scope ranges from hesitant beginners to seasoned practitioners
    • Self-tuition language lessons in EL, EN, ES, FR, GL, HU,NO, PL, PT, SW, TU at the lowest (CEFR A1-2 level) with audio input
  • For those in the workplace who need instant, accurate top-level information at a high level (CEFR C1-2 level)
    • three relevant glossaries (fish/health diseases, aquaculture, marine pollution) in EL, EN, ES, FR, GL, HU, NO, PL, PT, SW, TU.


  • Previous partners include:
    • The Lycee de la Mer et du Littoral, located at the heart of France's most important oyster production where it specialises in vocational teaching. 
    • The Department of Aquaculture, Chemistry and Medical Laboratory Technology at the University College, Bergen, which works on environmental requirements of fish species under culture conditions, has close ties with the aquaculture industry in Norway.
    • The Agricultural University in Szczecin, Poland, with large Aquaculture Department, provided advice and contributed to the development of training material and programmes.

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