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Creating a sustainable food system is important for European economy and society. Research has contributed valuable knowledge about the potential of microbial systems, or microbiomes, throughout the food chain. Microbiomes are known to regulate the productivity and health of major food sources across land and sea, and therefore can play a positive role in food production, food and nutrition security, ultimately influencing human health. A better understanding of the microbiomes associated with the food system would help address a number of key societal challenges such as: food and nutrition security, health and wellbeing, food waste, the sustainable management of natural resources, and climate change. SIMBA aims to gain a better understanding of microbiome structure and function, related to marine and terrestrial food chains and to verify the sustainability of microbial innovations of the food system.




Horizon 2020



10.5 million

November 2018 – October 2022 (48 Months)


23 partners in 11 European countries


 Luonnonvarakeskus, Natural Resource Institute Finland (Luke)


Focusing on crop production and aquaculture the SIMBA project intends:

  • To get a better understanding of microbiome structures and functions, related to land and sea related food chains
  • To verify the sustainability of microbial innovations of the food systems as a whole.
  • To create a better EU Agro-Aqua-Food system that is resource efficient, climate resilient, sustainable and consumer centred.
  • To improve the overall knowledge of microbiomes from land and sea towards the market needs in areas where applicability and readiness is not yet visible
  • To bring new and cost-effective commercial application to the market that assist different stages and processes throughout the food chain by 2025 


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Sarah Sarsfield,  Project Officer

Sarah is AquaTT’s Project Officer working on SIMBA dealing with the day to day running of WP8 – Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results. She can be contacted for all communication and press queries in relation to SIMBA and its outputs and activities.

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Marieke Reuver, Project Manager

Marieke is WP leader of SIMBA’s WP8 – Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results, and is responsible for the overall WP management.

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For more information on this initiative, visit:
Follow the project updates on Twitter @SIMBAproject_EU


Funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme